Top 10 Foods To Never Feed Your Dog

Top 10 Foods To Never Feed Your Dog 

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Here I gonna tell you about food to never feed your dog.and also tell you about bad foods of dogs and bad symptoms included with it.
We love our pets and would like to share everything with our pets but we don’t know what should we feed our pet and what shouldn’t.
We all know that:-Some foods are not good for our pets and some Foods are dangerous for our pets.

Here I tell you about 10 foods to never Feed  your dog

1.Avocado :- Never Feed.

Avocado is not good for pets so don’t give it to your pets. it contains persin. avocado’s pit is most dangerous because it has 70% persin of can cause of vomiting,diarrhea,loose appetite and bad digestive system.

2.Coffee/tea :-Not Recommend

 Coffee and tea is extremely harmful and dangerous for contains some amount of caffeine and caffeine is good for humans but not for gives your pet hyperactivity & restlessness.sometime your pet does vomiting and high blood pressure.
3.Garlic/Onion:- Not recommended 

   Both are toxic and worst food for dogs.garlic is okay in small amount but onion is harmful because it decreases red blood cells.and onions can cause of anemia.after having garlic and onions your pets intestine does reactions and decrease appetite,dogs waight,gives loose motion,weakness & vomiting.

4. Salt/Spice:- Not Recommended 

    Salt and spices are less healthy for pets & and sometimes it can cause of food poisoning.and they also have high quantity of sodium.And high sodium can cause of diarrhoea,increased body temperature and even death.its called sodium ion poisoning. 
But some are good for pets like :-Turmeric,ginger,basil etc.
 5. Nuts :- Not so good 

  Nuts are not so good for pets but sometimes we can give it to our dogs. Almond,peanut & chesew are good if we give in small quantity.
Nuts have high fat and its bad for dogs and some nuts are highly dangerous like :- black walnut, macadamia nut .Nuts can cause of upset stomach and food poisoning.

 6. Milk :- Not good 

 Milk is not good for dogs because it contains lactose sugar that is not good for pets digestion and dairy products digestion is very difficult for pets.some pets are lactose intolerant and they get more problems with milk.Drinking milk can cause of intestinal upset.even ice cream should be given in small quantity.
milk should be given in vet recommendations when your pet got sick.Milk gives digestion problems, allergies,vomiting,farting problem,unpleasant reactions.

7.Chocolate :- Never feed 

 We should not give big quantity of chocolate to our pets even we can’t give milk chocolate to our pets.chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine and both are toxic to pets.caffeine makes your dog sick and increases heart rate and simulate nervous system.Also increases urine and restlessness.large amount of chocolate can kill your pet.dark chocolate are more toxic for pets.
 8.Alcohol:- Never feed 

 It’s not a good idea to give alcohol to your pet.consuming even small amount of alcohol can be dangerous.alcohol is toxic for pets after having alcohol dog can go in coma and death. because it decreases breathing & can cause of liver failure.

9.Sugar/Sweets :-not recommended 

Human loves sweets and sometimes they give it to their pets but they don’t know it’s not good for pets.after giving 2-3 times they will addict to it like us .It gives dental issues,obesity,diabetes if you feeds daily.these are big diseases for pets and they attract more problems.
10. Grapes/Cherries :- Never Feed

  Don’t feed grapes and cherries in any conditions.highly dangerous for all type of pets and dogs.its like a poison for can cause of vomiting,low energy. even your can go in depression,loss of coordination & kidneys can be failure after having big amount of grapes and cherries.

Note :- I hope you get some help.if you have any queries please contact us and comment down.please share with your friends and family. 

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