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Top 10 Foods To Never Feed Your Dog

Top 10 Foods To Never Feed Your Dog  Hi friends  I am Pawan Kumawat  Today  I come with new post Here I gonna tell you about food to never feed your dog.and also tell you about bad foods of dogs and bad symptoms included with it. We love our pets and would like to share everything with our pets but we don’t know what should we feed our pet and what shouldn’t.
We all know that:-Some foods are not good for our pets and some Foods are dangerous for our pets.
Here I tell you about 10 foods to never Feed  your dog
1.Avocado :- Never Feed.

Avocado is not good for pets so don’t give it to your pets. it contains persin. avocado’s pit is most dangerous because it has 70% persin of can cause of vomiting,diarrhea,loose appetite and bad digestive system.
2.Coffee/tea :-Not Recommend

Coffee and tea is extremely harmful and dangerous for contains some amount of caffeine and caffeine is good for humans but not for gives your pet hyperactivity & restlessness.sometime your pet doe…