Why Your Dog Won’t Eat

Dog Not Eating ? Best Solutions.

Healthy food is most important for pet and we always want to serve them it rather we also serve them.It can be very concerning if your pet is not eating well.So what happens when your pets is refusing to eat food. 
Here I tell you all reasons and solutions about it.


Illness is the biggest reason for dog eating problems.
We don’t like to eat when we have illness.we always feel like sleeping.It’s same happens with pets.if your dog don’t eat for 2 days you should immediately visit to your veterinarian.

 ~ Illness symptoms 

  1. Sleeping in corner.
  2. Runny eyes & nose
  3. Refusal to eat for over 24 hours 
  4. Red & swollen gums
  5. Not barking & playing 

# Upset Stomach 

Upset stomach is can be a reason for not eating well.sometimes we think our pet is fine but we can’t imagine about their upset stomach. 

~Upset Stomach Reasons 

 > they recently had any treatment 
 > any kind of acidity 
 > any digestion problem.

#Feeding Time 

Dogs Feeding time is very big factor in eating.like humans we haven breakfast, lunch,dinner timings. similarly we should feed our pets on time. we should fix a specific time for feeding our dogs. And always be on time .

# Uninteresting Food 

We always want different-different dishes on our plate.
If we eat same dish daily we will get bored after few days. Just like that it’s same happens with pets if we daily serve them same food then they will get bored and stop having food. Or your pets food storage is not air tight then foods freshness and aroma will be finished after few days.
This is the most common reason with all pets.

So next time when go market for your pets food. please small quantity packs with different flavour. also buy some gravy, sausage, and topping products.

Note :- please meet your vet in case of emergency 

I hope you get some help.
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