Things to buy for a new puppy

Things to buy for a new puppy 

Hi friends,
Are you thinking about adopting a pet?
Or already adopt it but still confused 
about consider to buy  things of pets?

Here we suggest you best things to buy for new puppy.

When we adopt puppy for our home we always think:-
Which things are best for puppy and which are Not.
So here we recommend which things you should 
buy while adopting a new puppy for your family.

#1. Food & water bowls 

 When you buy a new puppy they always need a 
  bowl for food and water.Their are lots of verities
 are available on many pets shops.but we should 
 always choose best bowls for our pets. Retailers
 show us many types of bowls like:- stainless steel 
 bowls, plastic bowls, ceramic bowls and many more.
 and many sizes are available for our new puppy.
 We always advised you to get stainless steel bowls for new small puppies because 
 stainless steel bowls are easy to clean and these are also bacteria free.
 Or in the matter of size of bowls you should always choose smallest size of bowls 
 because puppies don’t need lots of food in one time.they want small-small amount of food 
 four to five times in a day.

#2. Dog food 

 In the starting days puppy needs cerelac for few days because we transfer them from mother feeding.
 After few we have to transfer it to puppy dog food. its necessary for all we always buy    
 best quality food for our should always choose high protein & high fat dog food. 
 So you can buy starter packs for your puppies. It will help to it to grow healthy and stronger muscle.
 Because starter feeds specially made for puppies.

#3. Collar & leash

 Collar and leashes are essential for new should always buy a small size collar and a adjustable leash for your pets.In starting days they start cutting collar and leash but after 
sometime they will use-through of it.

#4. Toys 

Puppies are very curious that’s why they always looking for new things.all the time they play with us and with our we should always buy some toys for our pets so they can play with toy and live healthier and become stronger.
Many types of toys are available in market but we always choose soft toys and chewable toys for our pets.

#5. Supplement 

Dog foods are always not enough for new puppies because many food products don’t have sufficient 
nutrition for new puppies. so we need to provide them extra supplement to our pets.
Some supplement are necessary for your pets like:- calcium syrup, vitamins and minerals syrup, liver tonic etc.

I hope you get some help.
If you still have some issues then ping 
me on Instagram.I’ll help You there.

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