precautions while getting a dog

precautions while adopting a pet

Hi friends,
Are you thinking about adopting  a dog ?

 Here are 10 things to consider before  bringing a new dog home.

 #1 Is your breeder registered ?

  Today lots of pet breeders are in your area but in 
   this era all breeders are not honest.So it’s matter 
   of concern that from where you are adopting pet. 
   Is he honest.Many pet breeders cheat the people 
   and take advantage of unknowable costumers.
   What they do that they sell mix breed pet to 
   ignorant people by telling pure breed.
   So be aware of these cheaters.
   Always adopt a pet from registered breeders.
   Many canine clubs registers all brreder 
   in all countries. Like:- KCI , AKC .

#2 Always adopt a healthy and playful puppy.

          While adopting a dog you should check these
           things in your puppy.
  1. Waight :- shouldn’t be low or overweight.
  2. Eyes.  :- should be bright and clear.
  3. Coat.  :- should be shiny and clean.
  4  health :- should be healthy and shouldn’t have 
                    any health issues.
  5. Legs   :- best place to check allover health.
                    legs should be heavy.

#3 find a right & nearest veterinarian before adopting.

 This is the first things you should do before adopting a pet.alway go for best and nearest       veterinarian for your puppy’s health.
After adopting directly do to vet and vaccinate your pet. and ask for vaccinations card . And get vaccinated time to time. 

#4 shouldn’t do these mistakes while adopting.

 1. Shouldn’t adopt less then 45+ days aged puppy.
 2. Shouldn’t  adopt weak puppy.
 3. Shouldn’t adopt any major diseased puppy.
 4. Always you should check puppy’s mother & 
 5. Always sit with your puppy for some time to check
      any issue.

#5 maybe its dangerous for your puppy 

 Its very rare chance to adopting of a pet is 
 dangerous for puppy’s.before adopting they 
 live with their mother in other environmen & 
getting nutrition from mothers milk but after 
adopting they will eat dog food and powdered 
milk.In this case sometimes they get health issues.or it can be life threatening. 

I hope you get some help.
If you still have some issues then ping 
me on Instagram.I’ll help You there.

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