Feeding schedule for your dog

Feeding schedule for your dog 

Hi friends,
Do you have a pet dog in your home?
Do you love to feed them?
But do you know how many times should you feed your four legged member of family?
Here I tell you about diet schedule of dogs from puppy to adult age.

# Diet schedule for pet dogs 

 All type of dogs need a best schedule to feed.small age puppies need more food than adults.
We recommend different-different schedule for different-different age pets.

# Diet schedule for new puppies 

Newly adopted puppies want lots of calories in a 
day. because in this time period they grows very 
fast & gains lots of waight.and the time they plays with us. 
In this period we should feed them four times in a day.sometime five times in a day.
Till three month of their age.after three months we should feed them 3 times in a day.if your puppies is under waight you can feed them four times in a day.
because puppy needs extra nutrients to fuel his 
growth.We recommend you to always give starter food to newly adopted puppies till three months after three months you can shift them to puppy food till 12 months.

# Diet schedule for adult dogs 

Adult dogs don’t need high calorie & high protein food. because they just want to maintain their body.so they can manage it with normal dog food or home food.they want meals just twice in a day.
So you need to lots of care like puppies. but adult dogs want some exercise & two times walk in a day.its necessary for them.

# Diet schedule for active dogs 

Many active dog breeds like:-Pitbull tarrier, bullies ,mastiff breeds.they want more calories & protein than normal dogs.so we have to give them high quality food because they have big body structure & big muscles.we can feed them three times in a day.but they want lots of exercise to build muscles.

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