Everything about pets deworming

Everything about pets deworming! 

Hi friends,
Do you have a pet dog ?
Do you know about pets deworming?
Here I come with everything about pets deworming .


     # Deworming in new born puppies 

      All puppy’s born with worms that’s why puppy
       should be dewormed in every 15 days till 3 
      months.Worms are very unsafe for puppies.
      they stop puppy’s growth very badly.even 
      decrease your puppy’s health & appetite. 
      Puppy’s dewormer medicines basically 
     available in syrup form.so you can deworm 
     your pet very easily.the most common worm 
     medication used in young  puppy’s contains 
    Pyrantal . which is most common content in all 

    # Deworming for puppies after 3 months 

   After 3 months you should deworm your puppy in
   every 3 months.this schedule will be followed till 
   pets age.After 3 months deworming medicine is 
   available in tablet form.so you can give them 
  directly or also mix with food. but if you give them 
  directly that gives best results rather  then mixing 
    with Food. 

   # Deworming dosage for puppies/adult pets 

    Deworming dosage always depends on dogs 
    bodyweight.That’s why you should always check 
    your pets waight before deworming them. 
    Deworming dosage are mention below:-
     For puppies :- 1ml syrup per 1 Kg bodyweight
     For adult.    :- 1 tablet per 10 Kg bodyweight 
                        :- 1 XL tablet per 35 kg bodyweight
  Note:- these dosage are universal dosage for most
              common dewormers.please always check 
              on medicines label or contact to your vet.

   # Best deworming medicines 

 1. Beaphar worex tablet for dogs 
 2. Skyworm tablet & syrup 
 3. Bayer drontal plus dewormer 
 4. Kiwof plus dewormer 
 5. Eazypet dewormer

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