Best winter care tips for pets

Best winter care tips for pets 
Best winter care tips for dogs

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Today here I come with another part of best winter care tips for last post suggest you some tips about dogs winter care.
In this post I provide you more tips and details about pets winter care.
We all know that:-Dogs have natural immunity to suffer in winters.and also they have long fur on body.
long fur helps to increase the body temperature in winters. dogs have good body-fat that is helpful in winters. 
But we also need to do some more care about pets.
Here I suggest you some ideas that helps your pets
to suffer in winters :-

1. Keep inside them in winters!
  • Shorter walks:- In winter outside temperature can be very low even in minus.many dogs can live in low temperature but pet dogs can’t live outside of long time.we should give them shorter walks in winters three times in a day.
  • No off leash:- In winter don’t leash out your pets outside.otherwise it can be dangerous for your pets because many pit & pot holes are filled with water and ice so your pet can be wet or slips on ice or they can harm himself .
  • Go outside when sun rises:- weather is very bad in winters. And sun rises for very limited we can give them walk when sun gives some warmness to your pets
  • Don’t use heaters for pets :- Heater are very dangerous for pets because bad heat waves comes from heaters and it can be harmful for dogs furr and health.heaters can damage pet furr’s shine and quality. even they can burn their body.                           
 2. Use Sleeping Pads 
  •  Many peoples don’t let their dogs sleeps on bed because of their pet sleeps anywhere on floor but in winter floors can be very chilly.and its not good for we can choose a right and warm corner for our pets.we should always use sleeping pads for our four legged friends.many types of pads are available in market but we should always choose warm pads for winters.

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 3. Always access of water 
  • In summer dog’s dehydration problem is normal but in winter our dog eats more food and water is most important for they always need a water bowl in front of them.always give them warm water in winters and be careful not to drink cold water.
 4. No overfeeding 
  • In winters foods are more delicious for they eats more food in winters and every time we feed them more & more food. we don’t care about their appetite but some times it can be very harmful for our pets.they can have many diseases like digestion problem and health issues. and they can also loose their appetite.and lose appetite comes with lot of health problems.they may also have to be taken to vet for this.So be careful about over feeding.
 5. Don’t shave them 
  • Dog shaving is can be a best decision in summers and it’s very good for pets but in winters it can be worst decision for pets health.because in winter season winds are very cold and it’s not safe for pets skin.without furr they lose skin moisture and it will get dried and rushed.they can have skin allergies and skin don’t shave them and also use some moisturiser & coconut oil on their body for shiny and healthy furr.
 6. Bath infrequently 
  • Dogs can have bath daily in summers but in winters it’s not possible to give them bath daily.if we give them bath daily in winter season it can be dangerous for their health because after giving daily bath for 2-3 weeks they will lose their furr shine and attraction.and they will get ill very soon & illness comes with more don’t give them bath frequently.every 15-20 days you can give them bath it is very safe and sufficient for them.
 7. Extra care of feet
  • dog’s feet’s take a particular beating during the winter due to ice, snow, and rock salt. always keep them clean and trimmed to avoid irritation, dryness, and cracking.
  • Rinse your dog’s paws with warm water after each outing. Use a towel to wipe between the pads of their feet to get rid of any lingering salt, grit, or ice.
  • Use a specialized foot-pad balm or a natural cooking oil such as coconut or olive oil to soften them up. Protect their pads by rubbing them with petroleum jelly before your dog goes outside.
Note :- I hope you get some help.if you have any queries please contact us and comment down.please share with your friends and family. 

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