winter care tips for pets

winter care tips for Pets 
Best winter care tips for dogs

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Hi friends,
I’m pawan,
Today here I come with best winter care tips for dogs.
I know that many people’s have pets in their homes and when winter comes they start concerning about their pets.They have many questions in their mind about that how to take care of pets in winters.
Here you don’t have to worry about it I have 5-6 years experience about pets and I have lots of winter care tips for your love ones.

We all know that :-Dogs have natural immunity to suffer in winters.and also they have long fur on body.
long fur helps to increase the body temperature in winters. dogs have good body-fat that is helpful in winters. 
But we also need to do some more care about pets.
Here I suggest you some ideas that helps your pets to suffer in winters.

 #1 Increase food  fat % !
We feed our pets packed dog food and homemade food normally in every season but in winters they need some extra fat in their body to increase body temperature. So we have to increase fat percentage in the food. For increasing fat % we can purchase high fat & protein foods and also increase fat in homemade food by adding some extra things like:- oils, chicken, fish. 
Also need to increase their food quantity because in winters dogs want extra calories.

#2 Keep them always dry !
In winters we always want to away from water but its not same with pets.they always like water in all seasons.They like to get wet in winters.
Be cautious it’s not thing for have to always keep them dry.
If your pet always be wet in winters then it’s can be a problem.your pet may be get ill & health issues .it can be more dangerous for your pets in winters.

#3 Always keep them warm !
 In winters it’s a biggest thing that helps to keep your pets away from health issues and becomes comfortable.
For keeping them warm you can use use some dog jackets and warm clothes.
You can also use dog shoes for walking outside.

#4 Give them some exercise !
Exercise is very important in winter for dogs.its very helpful in keeping them strong and warm.its also increase immunity for health problems in winters.
You can give them some exercise for 20-30 minutes daily.its also helpful for you.
You can run with your pet and also play with them.

#5 Always care your pet’s paw !
 When dogs go outside in winters sometimes you see dog paws are very ruff and dry. Sometimes it gives pain to your pet. 
So you can use some moisturiser on it or can also use coconut oil. Coconut oil is very helpful for pets in every way.
I also said that you can use dog shoes and socks.

Note :- I hope you get some help.we will post one more blog on this topic.if you have any queries please contact us and comment down.please share with your friends and family.

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