How to increase dog’s waight

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Best homemade diet for increase your dog's weight

Hi friends,
I’m pawan,
Here I come with a specific diet for increase your dog’s waight and makes him healthier & fit. 
I know all readymade dog foods are too much expensive and cheap dog food doesn’t give good results as per our wish.
And many people want to have a pet in their home & also want to make their pet healthier & fit.

Today I give you a specific diet that will help you to increase your pets waight.

Note :- Before giving diet I suggest you do one thing. it’s deworming. So before starting this diet make sure your pet is dewormed. because we can’t put waight on wormed pet.



  1. Chicken/fish/meat 
  2. Egg
  3. Rice/wheat 
  4. Coconut oil 
  5. Some vegetables like:-
  6. Liver tonic 


1. Boil chicken/meat with water for 20    
 minutes.make sure chicken should be   
 boiled perfectly.

2. Boil all vegetables and eggs for 15-20
    minutes .

3. Crumble all chicken, eggs, and
    vegetables in a bowl.

4. Mix chicken boiled water in it.don't 
   throw this water its very healthy and 
   makes it very delicious for your pet.

5. Add 2 spoon food grade coconut oil in
   the bowl.coconut oil has lots of fat that
   will help to increase waight.

6. Add 10ml liver tonic in bowl.liver tonic is most essential to increase waight and appetite of your can choose any liver tonic.please check dosage on liver tonic before using.


:-Please give this diet 2-3 times in a day 
  for adult dog. 

:- keep your dog’s bowl filled at all times 
    with fresh and clean water.

:- give some walk and exercise to your
   pets at two times in a day .

 :- check your dog’s waight every week
   and see the improvement.

Note :- I hope you get some help.if you have any queries please contact us and comment down.please share with your friends and family.

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