things to know before getting a dog

things to know before getting a dog 

Hi friends, 

Are you thinking about getting a dog ?
It’s a great thing to get a four legged baby at your home.
Because they  comes with lots of blessings and happiness.
And after getting a puppy your life will be filled with happiness  & joy  
You will be more responsible after getting a pet in your life.
and Best thing is your pet always makes you smile.

But some things you need to know before getting a pet 

1. Are you ready for it ?

Dogs are big responsibility for their owner . because they want some time everyday from your busy lifestyle.its essential your pet gets care like your needs to be served healthy meals, during puppyhood they need meals four times in a day & an adult canine must be fed twice in a day.
you also have to give some time for exercise & two time walk in a day. And regular grooming of your pet will require your time.
If you have around 1-2 hours in a day then you are ready to meet happiness.

2. Make your home pet friendly .

Pets are very curious in puppyhood. all the time the explore anything. they want to know everything in starting. that’s why sometimes they do trouble for you.they cut clothes,sleepers, & your important things.
So need to make your home pet friendly. Some instructions are given below.
 1. Make a small area for pet in any corner of your home.
 2. Always keeps your important things upside.
 3. Always keep  shutting your main door.
 4. Buy some basic things for your pet before getting.
 5. Always keep your eyes on your pet.

3. Choose a right breed for your home .

Always keep in all dog breeds are not same. Every breed have special qualities .
So you have to choose right breed. We have some instructions for choosing right breed for you.
1. Small & toy breeds :- if your house is small and you haven’t got lots of space then you can go for    
                                       small & Toy breeds.
2. Medium breeds :- if you have big home then definitely go for medium breed.
3. Large & giant breeds:- if you have big house with some garden area and also have some extra time                                                           
                                         for dogs exercise. Then go for large & giant breeds 

If you want to know more about breeds :- clickhere 

4. Consider the affordability factor.

When you get a pet they need some expenses from your before you get one, try working out  the financial expenses towards rising healthy and well rounded pooch. you will have to pay some veterinarian bills, purchase good quality food and other things. like :- training charges, vaccines, pet products etc.

5. Unforeseen issues .

You cannot predict everything that could happen in the future. Consider things like relocations, health concerns and finances. But all of that aside, have fun with your new family member! Love them and they will love you tenfold!

I hope you get some help.
If you are still confused then ping me 
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