Most popular dog breeds

Most popular dog breeds 

There are lots of dog breeds in the world &
 many types of dog breeds.but some breeds
are very popular everywhere. Cause of their
body line, cute face, friendly & loveable
behaviour, muscular body & power.

Check out the most popular dog breeds

  Labrador Retrievers

:- Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog
 breed .They are a medium large breed dog and mostly 
registered in three colours solid black,cream and dark brown.
they are Very friendly & loveable breed.

German Shepherds

:- German Shepherd is a medium to large sized 
Shepherd  dog and one of the highly preferred dog 
breed for all Climate.The German Shepherd dogs are 
well famous for their trainability, strength and intelligence. 
Also they are Very loyal to their owner.


:- Beagles dog are small sized scent hound,
 primarily developed for hunting. The Beagles are 
looks much like foxhound and has one of the best 
developed senses of smell of any dog in the world.
they are very friendly breed.


 The Pug is the most popular breed of dog and 
known  for being sociable and gentle. Pug is one 
of Vodafone’s most popular mascots and known as 
Vodafone pug dog.


:- Bulldog is a muscular medium sized dog and 
an excellent  family pet. The Bulldog breed are 
naturally short and one of  the most popular pure 
breed in America and United Kingdom.

Saint Bernard

:- St. Bernard are very large working dog breed, 
originally found in Switzerland and Italy. The Saint 
Bernard are usually brown and well famous for its 
enormous size.


:- Rottweiler breed of dogs are domestic German 
dog used as search and rescue dogs. The breed are 
black coated with rich tan markings and has powerful 

  Golden Retriever

:Golden Retriever dog breed is perfect family dog, used 
during the hunting and shooting of waterfowl. The breed is 
one of the most popular family dog in whole world.

  Pit Bull

:Pit Bull type of dogs are found in North America 
and the breeds were developed as fighting dogs. The
 Pit bull breeds were popular in the news for attacking 
human and now become famous for their roles as police 
dogs and celebrity pets.

:Pomeranians are often good alert and alarm 
dogs and can be prone to excessive barking. They 
tend to be good with children, but children need to 
be cautioned that these are small dogs and not as 
sturdy as the larger breeds.

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