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How many types of dog that you can keep.                                                  

As my point of view we should always adopt the dog rather then buying.

There is many types of dogs in the world But we can divide all breeds as per our Recommendations, their size,waight, body type, & their standard of living.

In my opinion there is four types of pets in entire world.

 1. Small & Toy breed dogs 
 2. Medium breed dogs
 3. Large breed dogs
 4. Giant breed dogs 

           1.Small & toy breed dogs :- 
                                                   Small & Toy breed dogs are basically very small size pets. & their waight is between 1-10kg (2-22 pounds).
They want very small space in your home for living. They can live in small houses and small apartments. But they are very sensitive to environment & weather conditions.they are also very furry breeds so they want regular grooming & spa.In the way of behaviour they are are very loveable, friendly, easy to handle breeds. 
Ex. Maltese, Affenpinscher,Toy-Poodle, Bichon Frise  Chihuahua,pappilon,Pomeranian, Shih-tzu,Brussels.

             2. Medium breed dogs:-
                                                Medium breed dogs size are basically same as toy breeds but after 4-5 years they become bigger. Their waight is between 10-20kg (22-52 pounds).they also want small space in your house but want some space for walking, playing, & roaming around.they also want a small walk twice in a day. They are also sensitive to weather. They are not so furry but sometimes they need some grooming.In the way of behaviour they are very loveable, friendly.
Ex:- Beagle, Bulldog,Samoyed, Welsh-corgi , Cocker spaniel.

            3.Large breed dogs :-
                                             Large breed dogs are like normal size dogs. Their waight is between 25-40kg(55-90 pounds). They can’t live in small size apartments & houses. They need some good space & avarage size home for roaming around anyware. They need a long walks twice in a day & some exercise. They are not so sensitive they can live in any type of weather. They have small size coat so they want grooming 3-4 times in year.but some large size breeds have long coat hair.So they want regular grooming & spa.And also we have to do extra care of their coat. They are also very loveable, friendly breeds but sometimes they get aggressive.
Ex:- Labrador retriever, Golden retriever, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Dobermann , Rottweiler , Pitbull 

           4.Giant breed dogs:-
                                           Giant breed dogs are big size dogs. Their waight is between 40-70kg (90 pounds ++) some breeds have more waight . They need big area to live & also need a play area for playing & exercise. They can live in any type of weather conditions. Sometimes they need grooming. They are also friendly but not like other breeds.
Ex:-English Mastiff, Kangal Shepherd, Akita,Bullmastiff. 

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