Best dog breed for your home

Best dog breed for your home

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Today I tell you which dog breeds are best for your home. And also which dog breeds are good for your family & children’s. 

All dog breeds are best but some dog breeds have special abilities & power like:- strength, speed 
We can buy & adopt all over breeds but sometimes we need to care about family, home and our 
Buying purposes & reasons.

So here is some dog breeds information they have special abilities and they also fulfill your purposes of buying & adopting.

1. Best guard dog breeds :- 

                                            Guard dog breed are special dogs they are used to protect people . They are only for safety purposes as guard dogs. They are known for being well with people and always be with you to protect from danger.  They are not only a good companion, but also the best protectors. They always be with you and love from core of their heart. Guard dogs have good outlook comprising ultimate intelligence level than other normal dogs. The most important is their loyalty and unconditional love for you.
Ex :- Rottweiler, domberman, German Shepherd,Boxer,Pitbull,

2. Best watch dog breeds :-

                                            Watch dogs breeds are always ready for protect your home and also you but they don’t attack on others. They only bark on unknown peoples and alert their owner. The most important is their loyalty and unconditional love for you.
Ex :- Mastiffs, Great dane, bernese mountain dog, cocker spaniel.

3. Best family dog breeds :- 

                                            Family dog breeds are very loveable & friendly with people.their nature and behaviour is very wonderful.they are very safe for our childrens, family & relatives.their faces are very cute and lovely.they always get love from childrens and play with them.and the big thing is they can protect your small babies if you give them some training.
Ex :- labrador Retrievers, golden retrievers, beagle, bulldog, pug, Pomeranian,lasa,poodle etc.

4. Speed runner dog breeds :-

                                                 Speed runner dog breeds are basically made for running purposes.
They can run very speedy.  they have a natural tendency to run. They are extremely athletic and make a great workout buddy. They’re always ready to run.they can run to long distances cause they have very good stamina and strength 
Ex :- greyhounds,whippet etc.

5. Very small breed dogs :-

                                           If you want to get a very small pet like a toy then you can buy & adopt a toy breed dog. They are very small in size and very loveable with children.they are so much tiny even you can handle on lap.they have cute faces and very adorable.they always gives you smile on your faces.
Ex :- pocket beagle, pomsky, maltipoos.

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