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things to know before getting a dog

things to know before getting a dog 
Hi friends, 
Are you thinking about getting a dog ? It’s a great thing to get a four legged baby at your home. Because they  comes with lots of blessings and happiness. And after getting a puppy your life will be filled with happiness  & joy   You will be more responsible after getting a pet in your life. and Best thing is your pet always makes you smile.

But some things you need to know before getting a pet  1. Are you ready for it ? Dogs are big responsibility for their owner . because they want some time everyday from your busy lifestyle.its essential your pet gets care like your needs to be served healthy meals, during puppyhood they need meals four times in a day & an adult canine must be fed twice in a day. you also have to give some time for exercise & two time walk in a day. And regular grooming of your pet will require your time. If you have around 1-2 hours in a day then you are ready to meet happiness.
2. Make your …

Top 100 Most Popular Dog Names Male And Female

100+ best dog names
100+ best dog names, dog names,best dog names, pet names, Pet name suggestions.

Hi friends, Are you looking to buy & adopt a pet ? Or already bought it. But still confused about your pets name.
Here we have lots of suggestions about your pet names.Best winter care tips 
    Baxter       Beau.      Benji.         Benny Bentley.     Blue.       Boomer.     Brady
     Brody.        Bruno.     Brutus.       Bub
     Buddy.        Buster.     Cash.         Champ
    Chance.       Charlie.   Chase.      Chester
    Chico.        Coco.       Cody.        Cooper
    Copper.       Dexter.     Diesel.       Duke
    Elvis.           Frankie.  George.    Gizmo
    Gunner.       Gus.        Hank.      Harley
    Henry.         Hunter.    Jack.         Jackson
    Jake.           Jasper.      HexJoey
    Kobe.         Leo.          Loki.         Louie     Lucky.        Luke.        Mac.         Marley
    Max.           Mickey.    Milo.        Moose
    Murphy.      Oliver.      Ollie.����…

Best dog breed for your home

Best dog breed for your home best breeds for home, best dog breeds, best dogs, best dog breeds for security, best guard dog, best dog breeds in the world. Hi friends, Welcome to all about paws, Today I tell you which dog breeds are best for your home. And also which dog breeds are good for your family & children’s. 
All dog breeds are best but some dog breeds have special abilities & power like:- strength, speed  We can buy & adopt all over breeds but sometimes we need to care about family, home and our  Buying purposes & reasons.
So here is some dog breeds information they have special abilities and they also fulfill your purposes of buying & adopting.
1. Best guard dog breeds :- Guard dog breed are special dogs they are used to protect people . They are only for safety purposes as guard dogs. They are known for being well with people and always be with you to protect from danger.  They are not only a good companion, but also the best protectors. They always be w…

Most popular dog breeds

Most popular dog breeds  There are lots of dog breeds in the world &
 many types of dog breeds.but some breeds
are very popular everywhere. Cause of their
body line, cute face, friendly & loveable
behaviour, muscular body & power.
Check out the most popular dog breedsLabrador Retrievers
:- Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog
 breed .They are a medium large breed dog and mostly 
registered in three colours solid black,cream and dark brown.
they are Very friendly & loveable breed.
German Shepherds

:- German Shepherd is a medium to large sized 
Shepherd  dog and one of the highly preferred dog 
breed for all Climate.The German Shepherd dogs are 
well famous for their trainability, strength and intelligence. 
Also they are Very loyal to their owner.




Welcometoourblogallabout paws Hi friend's, I’m pawan, Today I come with another blog of pets. How many types of dog that you can keep.As my point of view we should always adopt the dog rather then buying.There is many types of dogs in the worldBut we can divide all breeds as per our Recommendations, their size,waight, body type, & their standard of living.In my opinion there is four types of pets in entire world.
 1. Small & Toy breed dogs   2. Medium breed dogs  3. Large breed dogs  4. Giant breed dogs 
           1.Small & toy breed dogs :-  Small & Toy breed dogs are basically very small size pets. & their waight is between 1-10kg (2-22 pounds). They want very small space in your home for living. They can live in small houses and small apartments. But they are very sensitive to environment & weather conditions.they are also very furry breeds so they want regular grooming & spa.In the way of behaviour they are are very loveable, friendly, easy to handle breeds…

Welcome to our blog all about paws!

Welcome to our blog all about paws
Hi friends, I’m pawan, Here I come with all things like:- pet care, pet related probs  about pets. We also help you to choose right type & breed of pets. & help you to manage your pets from puppy to adult.
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